A few clients


“While working on the same project in multiple locations can be challenging, Blake delivered great code ON TIME and gave tons of value-add with his security and WordPress expertise. Highly recommend, would be happy to work with him on any future project.”

Phillip Barnhart

Web Marketing Technology & Strat

“Blake brings a lot to the table in terms of expertise, personality and value. His depth of knowledge is downright astounding. He can go as deep as you like into the technical details and explain exactly what he intends to do and how it will be handled. In short, he understands all the layers, from the ground up.”

Jimmy Burrel


“Blake is our go-to company for php programming. They are knowledgeable, quick turn-around, and easy to work with.”

Jack Reiner

Web Hosting Security

“Blake and his team have done an outstanding job at a variety of things we’ve thrown their way. They’re extremely responsive and savvy. From Security to EE to WordPress to the Google graph to IP/Server side issues, they’ve always been able to handle it.”

Alan Lange

Muni strategies