Mastering Cancellations

$500 setup fee, $49.95 a month and 1 penny a text.

Today you need to be able to fill cancellations at your clinic as quickly as possible. A missing treatment slot is lost money. This revolutionary new software allows you to keep a list of clients then need an appointment. When someone calls your office and cancels all you need to do click a button, and a SMS is sent out to all your list with your personal message and a link to schedule.

The first person to click the link gets the appointment. They can be forced to pay a co-pay right then or not up to you.

$500 setup fee, $49.95 a month and 1 penny a text.

You can cancel at anytime.
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  • ​​​Everything is hipaa complaint
  • Speed up the process of feeling up those lost appointments
  • ​Lighten the load on your office staff
  • Simple no apps or software to install
  • ​Free trial
  • ​Cancel at any time
Blake Howe
Entrepreneur | Connector | Dev

My name is Blake and I’ve spent the past 15 years learning everything there is to know about building and launching digital products.

The software Hidden SMS for Work will enhance how you communicate with clients while protecting your employees privacy.

Try our risk free trial and as always feel free to contact me directly with any problems.

You can contact me here or call me directly here 888-979-9701.

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"Blake is an awesome programmer who provides great service to those who desire custom-built applications and mobile apps. I've known him for years and enjoy watching him evolve and offer more flexible options for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create secure applications that fit their specific needs."

Erika McMillon
Digital Marketing Automation Specialist
"While working for US Legal Forms, Blake assisted me on designing and developing my website. H did a good job and taught me much. He was easy to work with and communicated well."
Carole A. Bruno
Author, Paralegal, Copywriter, Seminar Leader, Consultant
"Blake is dedicated to the success of his clients. He’s been great to work with and I intend on using his skills on future projects. Really glad our paths crossed a couple years ago."
Joe Okada
Independent Marketing, Outdoors
"Blake and the folks at SmartzWeb have done an outstanding job at a variety of things we've thrown their way. They're extremely responsive and savvy. From Secruity to EE to WordPress to the Google graph to IP/Server side issues, they've always been able to handle it."
Alan Lange
MuniStrategies, LLC


Mastering Cancellations

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